Product warranty conditions

1. The photos of the goods are for illustrative purposes only and may not correspond to the specified configuration. The photos provided cannot be used as a basis for claims. A product is considered to be of good quality if it conforms to the sample, model and / or description provided in the contract, commercial offer or online store.

1.1. The goods are covered by the warranty specified in the online store next to the description of the goods and / or the warranty specified in Clause 8 of the Special Conditions of the Purchase Agreement. The warranty period of the Goods starts to count from the moment the Goods are handed over to the Buyer. If an acceptance-transfer act is signed, it is calculated from the day of signing the acceptance-transfer act.

1.2. Within 10 (ten) working days from the delivery of the Goods to the Buyer, at the request of the Buyer, the Seller, for free of charge, trains the persons indicated by the Buyer on how to use the Goods.

1.3. During the warranty period, the Buyer undertakes:

1.3.1. use the original spare parts of the Goods manufacturer;

1.3.2. to comply with all the requirements set forth in the instructions for use of the Goods and the recommendations of the Seller;

1.3.3. Hand over the maintenance service work specified in the instructions for use of the goods to the Seller.

1.4. If the Buyer does not comply with any of the duties, set out in clause 1.3. the Buyer may not make use of the warranty of Goods.

1.5. During the warranty period, the Seller ensures the preparation of the Goods for use in the shortest possible time at its own expense (including replacement of parts), if the defect did not occur due to improper use of the Goods (Goods were used in accordance with the Goods Instructions). In the event that the defect is due to the fault of the Buyer (misuse, non-compliance with safety requirements, accident, etc.), the Seller ensures that the Goods are ready for use in the shortest possible time, and the Buyer pays for the repair according to the invoices in 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of sending the invoice to the Buyer.

1.6. The warranty does not apply to:

1.6.1. natural wear and tear of parts of the Goods;

1.6.2. in cases specified in clause 1.4.;

1.6.3. wearing parts and consumables, i.e. brake belts and pads, glued surfaces, cleaning agents, engine oil, hydraulic oil, lubricants, filters, nozzles, bulbs, packaging materials, rubber parts, tires, wheel discs, small wheels, chains, plugs , relays, spark plugs, switches, insulating materials, operator’s seat, sliders and other surfaces facing abrasion ;

1.6.4. If the Buyer operates the Product improperly or in an inappropriate environment (i.e. does not comply with the requirements set out in the Instructions for Use of the Goods and the Seller’s recommendations);

1.6.5. after making unapproved changes and modifications to the equipment or its components without the written approval of the Seller;

1.6.6. in case of external damages;

1.6.7. due to failure to rectify the failure in a timely manner, resulting in additional failures;

1.6.8. exceeding the permitted handling capacity, volume or conditions of the equipment;

1.6.9. if the defect was caused by an accident or natural disaster;

1.6.10. due to damage or deletion of identification numbers;

1.6.11. if the prescribed maintenance interval has not been maintained;

1.6.12. if the defect is due to abuse or negligence.

1.7. During the warranty period of the Goods, the Seller has the right to return the defective parts by replacing them with new ones. 1.8. The Seller undertakes to provide that his representatives will arrive at the Buyer during the warranty period of the Goods within 72 hours (during working days) from the receipt of a written – (delivered directly to the Seller’s representative or sent by e-mail / post) notification of the defect, unless it is impossible to do so due to the fault of third parties and / or other special situation.