Linde Safety Guard

Linde Safety Guard is a new assistance system that warns pedestrians and truck drivers of a possible collision. It is based on broadband technology in the 4 gigahertz range, which allows the signal to pass through walls.

The system gives a warning signal only when there is a real risk of collision, and its accuracy is ten centimeters. This allows for selective alerting, which reduces sensory overload and increases the likelihood that signals will be perceived.

Linde Safety Guard has many advantages over other assistance systems:

First, it can see through walls, shelves, and stored goods. This is especially important in confined spaces where visibility may be limited.

Secondly, if necessary, the system sends a warning signal to the pedestrian and the driver. This helps ensure that both parties are aware of the potential risk and can take appropriate action.

The Linde Safety Guard is a valuable safety tool that can help prevent accidents in workplaces where pedestrians and forklifts work together.

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