Blaxtair Origin Pedestrian Proximity Detection

The most advanced pedestrian detection solution to prevent collisions with machinery, it not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms, but also helps HSE and site managers control and reduce the risk of accidents. Compact, robust, connected, scalable and easy to install, with unparalleled performance on the market, Blaxtair Origin is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating pedestrians in real time, in any posture (standing, crouching or in partial view) in all the most demanding work environments.

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Blaxtair Origin Features

Blaxtair Origin Features

  • Improves safety, working conditions and productivity
  • Prevents collisions between industrial machinery (reverse and forward) and pedestrians
  • Avoids unnecessary alerts that tire the driver
  • Control & reduction of accident risks thanks to the integrated Blaxtair Connect
  • Future-proofed:online maintenance & remote software updates
  • Scalable: ready for future additional features or cloud services

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